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Theory Group Classes

2019 – 2020

Regularly scheduled monthly Theory Group Classes run from September through May. Additional classes are scheduled for June, July, and August, These classes include theory, music history, music appreciation, ear training, sight singing, sight reading, music theory games, and preparation for the MTAC Certificate of Merit Written Theory Exams and for the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program Academic Written Theory Exams. Students also have the opportunity to perform pieces or technical studies from their current repertoire.

Theory Group Class fees include the use of circulating studio sight reading books, studio ear-training CDs, music theory games, test-preparation materials, and photocopying expenses for practice theory tests and review worksheets. Theory Group Class fees do not include the cost of or CM/RCM Theory/History/Harmony Workbooks/Textbooks or Examination Fees, RCM Melody Playback and Rhythm Clapback books, or other printed/digital resources; these items will be invoiced on your monthly billing statement when distributed.

We may also have special composition workshops scheduled throughout the year.

Classes are typically on Sunday afternoons from 4-6pm or Saturday evenings from 7–9pm and are scheduled around various events, such as examinations, competitions, and festivals.

Theory Group Classes are listed on the Lesson & Event Calendar.

All 2019–2020 Theory Group Classes will be held at the Westside Music Conservatory. Because we now have access to multiple classrooms, all Theory Levels will meet at the same time, with different teachers working with different level groups.

  • For Certificate of Merit (CM) Evaluations, students are expected to attend one class in each of the following months: September, October, November, December, January, February, March.
  • For Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Certificate Program, students are expected to attend 1–2 classes per month for the 3–4 months leading up to the written examinations/tests for a total of seven classes per RCM written exam.
  • For RCM students in Levels 5–10, there will again be two 1-week intensive review group classes in the summer leading up to the written exams on the second weekend of August 2020.

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